Shelti Bayside Pool Table – Unmatched Craftsmanship

Experience the craftsmanship of Shelti’s Bayside pool table, offering the feel of a tavern table with the reliability of coin-operated models. Elevate your game room with this classic design.

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Introducing the Shelti Bayside Pool Table, a testament to unparalleled quality and dependability in the coin-operated billiard industry. With a rich history spanning over 50 years, Shelti is renowned for crafting tables that operators have trusted for decades. The Bayside pool table upholds this legacy, offering the following standard items:

  • Single-Piece Ball Trap Actuator Arm
  • Simplified Ball Trap Assembly with Bi-Fold Door Pivots
  • Unitized Table Construction
  • MDF Top Rails
  • Anodized Aluminum Rail Trim
  • Pro-Am Cushion Rubber
  • Ball Return Chutes with Enlarged Chalk Openings
  • Tavern-Tested Magnetic and Oversize Cue Separator
  • Championship Mercury Ultra 19-Ounce Cloth (75% Wool, 25% Nylon Blend)
  • One-Piece Slate
  • Regulation Size Play Areas
  • High-Impact Molded Legs

Optional Features include a fully programmable Dollar Bill Acceptor. These tables are available in Sovereign Cherry or Charcoal Matrix finishes, and you can choose between Coin-Op (Coin Operated), DBA (Dollar Bill Acceptor), or Free Play (Home) Versions.

Sovereign Cherry Options:

  • 88″ Model # 8SP-88-AA
  • 93″ Model # 8SP-93-AA
  • 101″ Model # 8SP-101-AA

Charcoal Matrix Options:

  • 88″ Model # 8SP-88-CA
  • 93″ Model # 8SP-93-CA
  • 101″ Model # 8SP-101-CA

The Shelti Bayside Pool Table is available in 88”, 93”, or 101” lengths.

Shelti Bayside Pool Table:

  • Made in the USA
  • Features a Single Piece Slate
  • Equipped with Magnetic Cue Ball Separator
  • Boasts Solid Construction
  • Comes with Championship Mercury Cloth
  • Features a Classic Design

Additional Features on Home, Coin Op, and DBA Bayside Pool Tables:

  • Unitized Table Construction for Structural Integrity and Ball Response
  • MDF Top Rails for Accuracy and Resilience
  • Anodized Aluminum Rail Trim for Reduced Contact and Snags
  • One-Piece Slate for True Ball Roll
  • Pro-Am Cushion Rubber for Exceptional Ball Rebound and Accuracy
  • Enlarged Chalk Openings in Ball Return Chutes for Reduced Service Calls
  • Regulation Size Play Areas for Consistent Angles
  • High-Impact Molded Legs for Overall Strength

Championship Mercury Ultra Cloth:

  • Offers Speed and Play Similar to a Worsted Cloth


  • Leg Box with 12 Leg Bolts
  • Warranty Registration
  • Accessory Kit with Balls, Cues, Chalk, and Triangle

Shelti Bayside Pool Table Coin Op Features Only:

  • Single-Piece Ball Trap Actuator Arm for Reduced Moving Parts
  • Tavern-Tested Magnetic and Oversize Cue Separator

DBA Operated Unit Features Only:

  • Various Programming Features for Versatile Gameplay
  • External and Internal Hardware Features for Convenience

Shelti Bayside Pool Table Free Play Table Features Only:

  • Magnetic Cue Separator
  • Cabinet Disassembles for Easy Transportation and Installation

Discover the Shelti Bayside Pool Table, a true symbol of craftsmanship and enduring quality, proudly made in the USA.


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