HYPERshoot – Next-Level Arcade Basketball Fun

HYPERshoot is the ultimate evolution of arcade basketball. With its interactive light tunnel, unique hoop design, and real-time sports commentary, it offers an innovative and engaging gaming experience that keeps players hooked.


LAI Games has taken arcade basketball to a whole new level with HYPERshoot, creating an experience that’s both innovative and rewarding for players of all ages. Whether you’re in attract mode or immersed in gameplay, the unique lighting effects of HYPERshoot are impossible to ignore. The light tunnel traces the ball’s flight like a comet trail, and live sports commentary adds a dynamic element to every throw, making each shot both enjoyable and satisfying. Players are also rewarded with extra points for scoring in quick succession, adding to the fun and competitive aspect of the game.

HYPERshoot is designed for both solo and group play. It’s the perfect choice for any arcade or entertainment venue, and it’s designed to accommodate various preferences. Here are some key features:

  • Single-Player and Multi-Player Modes: Enjoy the game solo or challenge friends for a competitive showdown.
  • Ticket Dispensing: Earn tickets as you play for added excitement and rewards.
  • Pre-drilled for Embed: Easy installation in your arcade setting.
  • Universal Connector Link: Link up to 8 units for multiplayer fun and competitions.
  • Card System Ready: Integration for card-based gameplay.
  • Coin and Bill Acceptor Ready: Choose the payment method that suits your guests.

HYPERshoot can be linked for up to 8-player competitions, creating a lively gaming environment that keeps everyone entertained. Its twin cabinet configuration fits seamlessly alongside classic midway games like Alley Bowlers and Knock-Downs, making it a versatile choice for any arcade setting.

Additionally, HYPERshoot offers the option for “Bonus Tickets” in linked gameplay and an optional deluxe marquee to enhance its visual appeal.

Experience why HYPERshoot has earned multiple awards and is a must-have on every arcade’s game list. Backed by the industry’s best support team, it promises hours of fun and excitement for your guests.


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