The Mini Ninja Bumper Car

Introducing the Mini Ninja Bumper Car, a compact yet thrilling addition to our lineup. With its sleek and aggressive design, the Mini Ninja Bumper Car has quickly become one of the best-selling models from Majestic Manufacturing. Get ready for endless hours of excitement and fun with these incredible bumper cars!

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Specifications for the Mini Ninja Bumper Car:

  • Capacity: 2
  • Height Restrictions:
    • Drivers: Minimum 36″ with Seat Belts
    • Passengers: Minimum 36″ with Seat Belts
  • Available in Ceiling or Floor Pickup Models
  • Material Construction:
    • Steel Chassis
    • Fiberglass Body
    • Rubber Bumper Tire
    • Polyurethane Wheels

These details ensure a safe and exciting bumper car experience for all riders.


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