Basketball Pro ‘Fun Version’ – Elevate Your Arcade Experience

xperience the unique thrill of Basketball Pro’s ‘Fun Version,’ reimagining arcade basketball with a compact footprint and interactive gameplay. Pound, shoot, and score as many baskets as you can in 40 seconds. It’s a game-changer for new locations and route operators.


Introducing the Basketball Pro Fun Version, a fresh addition to Andamiro USA’s beloved Basketball Pro lineup. This innovative design introduces a non-ticket version, offering a truly interactive experience that breathes new life into the world of arcade basketball.

The Fun Version embraces a compact 32″ x 38″ footprint, where the action unfolds. Get ready to follow the moving basket and backboard, pound, shoot, and aim for as many baskets as you can within a thrilling 40-second timeframe. It’s not your typical ‘free-throw’ basketball game; it’s a whole new level of fun.

This version expands the possibilities for Basketball Pro, unlocking new locations and providing exciting opportunities for route operators to engage their audience. It’s the game you’ve been waiting for to revitalize your arcade offerings.

Ideal for Bars and Street Shops

The Basketball Pro Fun Version caters to bars and street shops, offering a dynamic entertainment experience for patrons. With a single front door design supporting a bill validator and two coin mechanisms, it’s simple to set up and enjoy. The ticket signage from the original game has been replaced, and ‘how to play’ decals guide players through the game’s exciting mechanics.

A Unique Interactive Experience

At the top of the original game, where ‘big win’ readouts used to be, the Fun Version features a ‘top score’ readout. It’s a place where the best player can proudly showcase their Basketball Pro achievements. The game boasts a novel rubber-ball user interface, nearly the size of a real basketball, challenging players to shoot mini balls at backboards that move up and down.

Exciting Gameplay

The propulsion of mini balls is pneumatically controlled, and players can pound on one of two ball controllers to aim and shoot. Score three points for every basket, with a twist: in the final 10 seconds, each basket is worth six points. The game offers two-player stations, providing options for both ‘single-mode’ on either side or a ‘versus mode’ where players can go head-to-head in a competitive two-player game with synchronized moving baskets.

Compact Footprint

Maintaining the compact 32″ W. x 38″ D. footprint of the original, Basketball Pro Fun Version stands tall at 98″ with its eye-catching billboard. For locations with lower ceiling heights, it can be reduced to 79″ without the billboard, ensuring versatile placement options. The game’s vibrant cabinet graphics, engaging music, and enthusiastic game announcer create a truly exciting gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more.


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